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Muslim Doctor The Popular In America

Muslims in America belong to a minority. But there are some who managed to carve gold ink in the field of science. One was in the medical field.

Who does not know Ibn Sina? In the history of Islamic civilization, he was known as a renowned physician scientist at the same time. Western World also admitted fame by Ibn Sina popular name Avicenna. In addition to Ibn Sina, the West had now turned to a surgeon performing brilliantly in dealing with the heart. He is Mehmet C. Oz. This American Muslim physicians included in the 100 influential figures in world magazine Times. Not surprisingly, big-name Oz was always compared to that of al-Zahrawi, also known as a great Muslim surgeon in medieval times.

The popularity of OZ in the world of cardiac surgery is not a mere figment. He has dealt with many patients affected by heart disease with satisfactory success. His achievement is the result of hard work and curiosity at the heart problems since the age of 9 years. At that time, Oz interested in articles that discuss heart transplant until at last he decided to attend the University of Pennsylvania took the Department of Medicine. Since studying at Pennsyulvania and continued at Harvard University, until finally becoming a doctor by profession, Oz a lot to contribute in cardiac surgery. Not only from his experience on the operating table, but also from research and the works he wrote.
Oz is a doctor of Turkish descent who was born on June 11, 1960. From childhood, his parents educate both disciplined and democratic Oz while still holding the values of Islam. In the Islamic context, Oz was often provide therapy and spiritual guidance. He is also often believed to provide input to the food good for heart health, especially on each month of fasting.
"I am proud of a lot of people I trust in the affairs of the heart. It's a blessing from God. I must menyukurinya. And I was also part of humanity. So, I have to give something meaningful to the survival of others, of course with callous, " Oz said.
Oz is a true Muslim. However, their work in the world of cardiac surgery has opened the eyes of the world from a different religion, race, ethnicity, and any class. For Oz, saving lives is the obligation exceeds the tolerance in religion.
Thanks to its expertise in the field of heart, Oz managed to reap many rewards. In addition touted as one of the best doctors popular in the world, Oz was getting a lot of awards. Among them: Blakemore Awards, the Turkish American of the Year, and the Research Award from the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery. His expertise in medicine makes Oz must plunge in world literature. Now he has written many books. Not only around the heart, but also about health and lifestyle. One was a book titled Being Beatiful: The Owner's Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty.
Not Only Mehmez Oz
Among Muslim Americans, it turns out that Oz is not only considered it the image of Islam in the medical field. There is also Dr. And Dr Hassan Hathout. Ahmed El-Kadi.
Dr. Hassan Hathout is a descendant of the Egyptian physician who died at the age of 84 years, April. Though gone, Hathout carve mean for the world history of Muslim scientists in America. During his lifetime, Hathout known as a member of WHO, and founder of International Organizations of Medical Sciences. Not just as a doctor, Hathout also known as a bilingual poet, author, ethicist, and many seminar speakers.
While Dr. Ahmed El-Kadi is the Egyptian-born doctor who is also known to contribute large developing Muslim community in America. As well as Oz, El-Kadi is a surgeon. But he has now died at the age of 69. Among American Muslims, El-Kadi is the founder of the Muslim Youth of North America. While in the field of medicine, Kadi managed to formulate a comprehensive definition of Islamic medicine and on target, both technically, and morally.

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Search For Meaning Of Life A Astrid Darmawan

"One question that inspires me, why God gave birth to me to earth? Yet God does not need us, do not need our prayers. Do we believe or not, she remains one God. Even the presence or absence of us, the greatness of God is not diminished one bit. "

Astrid Darmawan Ayudewi feel vertigo meaning of his life. She was restless just when all was accomplished. Imagine, at age who had just 20 years, his income as a top model at U.S. $ 3,000 per day. Intellectually, she includes women who are intelligent so they can study at one of the best universities in Indonesia. In addition, the versatility makes it known to hang out a lot of famous people.

However, it did not take her ease of living in peace and tranquility of the heart. She feels his life is empty. All that is done everyday routines only run alone. Like the robots that do not recognize the meaning. On that point, he finally handed over entirely to find meaning in life. Altogether, including body and soul. "I am willing though God take my life today, as long as I know to what I was born," said the woman bloody Sundanese, Javanese, and Dutch. She is very confident, die in search of truth is more honorable than to die because his contract had ended and God did not want to extend it. "Dead time the contract is up it's called death ridiculous," specifically.

Sincerity to find the meaning of life makes it more serious study. Many books read. She also went to lectures, recitation and hear a description of the Ustad. Not satisfied with one book, she looked for another book. If studying at a religious teacher can not answer the anxiety felt heart, not shrink it comes to teaching others and learn from the Ustad there. Learning from the many books and religious teachers, making the former national athletes were more familiar with Islam. She also said, "Learning should not be stopped. Not good also we are only just learning to one teacher. That will cause taklit blind. "